The Jodrell Bank Internet Observatory (JBiO) is a remotely-controlled 7-metre radio telescope used by full-time Undergraduate students of the University of Manchester, and for schools projects run by Jodrell Bank Observatory.

The data archive is freely available but access to the telescope control system requires Login using a username and password.

A general description of the JBiO telescope can be found by clicking on the Introduction link under the Docs tab.

The Current Status bar (above the menu) indicates whether the radio telescope is currently enabled for observing. You can click the link to see the full detailed status. If the status does not show control as "Remote" and the telescope motors are "Off", the telescope is probably not available for observing due to severe weather (high winds or snow) or is undergoing maintenance (usually Mondays).

The JBiO telescope is operated by Jodrell Bank Observatory, part of the School of Physics & Astronomy of the University of Manchester.