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  Pulsar Key Science with the SKA: 4-5 April 2007

  Scientific Organising Committee:

  Matthew Bailes (Swinburne - Chair)
  Jim Cordes (Cornell)
  Bryan Gaensler ( Sydney )
  Simon Johnston (ATNF)
  Michael Kramer (JBO - Co-Chair)
  Joe Lazio (NRL)
  Ben Stappers (ASTRON)

         Pulsars are unique tools for studying a wide range of physical and astro-physical   problems. Since their discovery almost 40 years ago, the study of these rotating neutron   stars has produced a wealth of exciting results in fields from gravitational physics to the   interior of super-dense matter. In most cases, the results are based on the discovery and   sub-sequent timing of unique and extreme objects. This tradition will continue with   future instruments like the Square- Kilometre-Array (SKA). Indeed, testing and probing   gravitational physics using pulsars has been identified as one of the Key Science Projects   for this future telescope. Discussions of the SKA science will include:

  - technical requirements for the SKA
  - computing and software requirements for the SKA
  - searching for pulsars with the SKA
  - high precision timing with the SKA
  - a 'pulsar day' in the life of the SKA
  - timing pulsar-black hole binaries
  - methods for detecting a gravitational wave background


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